Sell fast, profesionally and save money

Sell your home with Exactly

We believe that selling your home shouldn’t mean overpaying thousands of euros for brokerage services. Exactly does everything a Spanish real estate agent does – but better. And at a transparent and fair price.
We will sell your property for only €1,995.

don't settle for less quality

What Exactly does better

We don’t charge high commissions

We believe that paying exorbitant fees (around 5%) to traditional real estate agents in Spain is a thing of the past. That’s why we offer a fixed fee service that includes everything you need for a successful sale.

We really showcase your property

From professional photography and 360-degree video tours to comprehensive listing on top real estate platforms. We do everything traditional real estate agents do. But better, thanks to the latest technology.

Sell your home fast at the best price 

We’ll do all the work for you. We will list your property on all relevant Spanish real estate platforms, including Idealista and Fotocasa, where all the potential buyers are. It’s all about maximum exposure, to sell your home fast and at the right price.

This is what you'll save

Traditional real estate agents charge 5% commission on average. This results in many thousands of euro’s of realtor costs when you’ve sold your home. At Exactly we don’t believe in unfair business models. That’s why we only charge a fixed fee of €1,995. This way the money you gain upon selling your home stays where it belongs: in your pocket.



Traditional realtors vs. Exactly


Sell your home

Lower price, better quality
  • Fixed fee. No hidden costs. No commissions.
    This is it.
  • Professional showcasing of your home
  • HD photos | 360-degree photos | VR tours
  • Listing on all major platforms
    incl. idealista, fotocasa, etc.
  • We prepare and provide all sales documents
  • We'll guide you step by step though the process of selling your home.

Calculate home value

The best price for your home
0 100% free of charge
  • Determine the worth of your home
  • Time to calculate: 1 minute
  • No obligations
  • Easy to use

HOW WE Sell your home

In only 5 easy steps

1. Schedule a free consultation

Book a time that suits you best to speak with one of our expert agents via videocall. This is a chance for us to virtually see your property, gather information and answer any questions you may have.

2. Prepare your home for sale

Our agents will give you advice on how to best present your home, including tips for decluttering, styling, and preparing for the professional (360-degree) photos that we will take.

3. Professional showcasing

Our photographer will come to your home to capture HD photos and 360 images of all rooms in your home, showcasing your property in its best light. We’ll also create professional interactive floorplans and vibrant descriptions of your homepresent your home in the best possible way to potential buyers.

4. Find potentials buyers

Almost 100% of all private real estate sales in Spain start online. That is why we ensure maximum exposure on all relevant sales platforms. Discover how your property will reach its full potential with Exactly’s comprehensive marketing strategy.

5. Finalize the sale

Congratulations, you’re almost there! Our agents can on request negotiate on your behalf and will always provide all the necessary paperwork, guiding you through the sale process every step of the way.


and discover the difference



Traditional realtors in Spain


1% OR a fixed fee of €1,995

Average of 5% or even more of the sale value(!)

Property photos

360-degree tours professional HD photos

Standard photos, often of very low quality

Property descriptions

Detailed, vibrant marketing descriptions with professional insights, capturing the essence of the property and inviting people to make an offer.

Generic, focusing mainly on basic specifications without much flair or imagination. Or even without any description.

Realtor requirements

Fully trained according to legal requirements (all our agents are API licensed)

Not always as per legal standards

Property listing

On all major platforms where 98% of houses are sold

Often just on one platform and/or in the window of their office

we are fully licensed

You're in good hands

Asociación Nacional de Agentes Inmobiliarios (ANAI)

API licensed

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